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Regular use of Epsom Salt has been shown to improve and relieve the symptoms of many conditions, including athlete’s foot, gout, toenail fungus, sprains, bruises and muscle soreness.
The magnesium and sulfate will stimulate the circulation, reduce inflammation and assist the process of flushing out toxins and heavy metals from the cells. It also improves nerve function by electrolyte regulation.

People use Epsom salt baths as a home treatment for:

  • Arthritis pain and swelling
  • Bruises and sprains
  • Fibromyalgia, a condition that makes your muscles, ligaments, and tendons hurt, and causes tender points throughout your body
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Insomnia
  • Psoriasis, a disease that causes red, itchy, scaly skin
  • Sore muscles after working out
  • Soreness from diarrhea during chemotherapy
  • Sunburn pain and redness
  • Tired, swollen feet

How to use Epsom Salt

  • For detox purposes use 1-2 cups per bath.
  • Soak for minimum 20 minutes, have a period of rest afterwards.
  • Bathe with Epsom Salt at least 1-2 weekly.
  • You can add some essential oil of your choice.
  • Can also be used for relaxing foot bath.

Do not mix with soap.

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